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The online jewelry market is a struggle for some, but not for businesses like, which seems to be selling bracelets and necklaces at an incredible monthly pace.

The site itself offers discounts as well as educational resources on handcrafted jewelry. Boomjoo has been dipping its toes into selling to different countries and cultures.

According to a statement from Marketing Director Krasika Anastasiia,"We sell all over the world and it's very interesting how different cultures have different tastes in gemstones. White U.S. and Canadian people seem to like diamonds and colorless gemstones."

He noticed that people from France appreciate pink and blue gemstones while the Latin and Asian communities prefer wearing red.



"Latino culture is similar in many ways to Asian cultures. They like wearing red jewelry and thin red string bracelets because it's thought to bring good luck and ward off misfortune. It probably goes back to their religions and cultural backgrounds," said Anastasiia.

While the pandemic has surely made consumers financially wary for this upcoming holiday season, the jewelry at boomjoo is heavily discounted.

"You can find jewelry that you would typically pay $1,000 for about $200 on our website. Traditionally, the bigger jewelry stores mark up their products 10 to 50 times. Our markup is a lot lower," said Anastasiia.

There are different meanings for each gemstone, and boomjoo is happy to supply for any occasion. Perhaps a birthstone will make a great gift, as the website is stocked with a full selection. If someone has recently started a new business, then jewelry made from citrine, malachite, peridot, or ruby stones might be more appropriate.

"Our founder's family business has been selling high-end custom jewelry for several decades, so we have good relationships with the manufacturers and mines. We also don't have traditional marketing costs. That's why we can offer better prices so everyone can enjoy gemstones," said Anastasiia.

Prices can be as low as $50 or less, so find your gemstone and more at

"You can wear our jewelry, casually or at important functions. Our jewelry is handcrafted just like the big brands. We work directly with major manufacturers and have low overheads to give you great prices," said Anastasiia.

Information originally sourced from PR Newswire.