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Any native New Yorker would no doubt have seen the massive advertisement from famous Chinese jewelry brand Laomiao X Bao Bao Wan. Stepping into New York Times Square, people can gaze at the latest collaboration between Laomiao and the globally renowned designer Ms.Wan. One of the big screens in “the crossroads of the world” can be seen, expressing classic Chinese fashion, and influencing Manhattan’s overall aesthetic with a tender depiction of Chinese elements and freehand brushwork. Many companies have advertised at Times Square to the fluctuating populace.



Established in Shanghai, at the “Old City God Temple,” Laomiao Jewelry was blessed from the get-go, having now achieved over a hundred years under its belt. The good fortune of the brand and its adherence and expression of Chinese tradition has given it a long and healthy life, creating pieces that are characteristically consistent in message. Each piece melds the modern aesthetic from Ms.Wan with the traditions of Chinese artistry. According to the press release, Laomiao “has incorporated elements with Chinese characteristics into bright jewelry, interpreting the five lucks of “fortune”, ‘successful’, ’longevity’,’happiness’ and ‘treasure’, presenting Chinese fashion jewelry products to consumers and promoting eastern feelings.”

This is Laomiao’s newest collaboration with Ms.Wan, whose work is often adored by many including the Chinese and foreign press as well as the British Museum Gallery. One such collection that has people excited is the “Standing High” series. This new collaborative effort includes designs that resemble green bamboo. There are also blessings hidden within each piece, advocating for promotion at ones workplace and an increase in salary.

These messages are meant to give each potential customer a sense of authenticity when it comes to the appreciation of Chinese culture. The latest collaboration between Laomiao x Bao Bao Wan is set to introduce a new style of Chinese high jewelry to the world. The recent advertisement in New York’s Times Square is just the beginning for this team-up. The gesture is meant to invite all worldwide jewelry enthusiasts to the Laomiao Jewelry brand in the future. Laomiao was also voted into ChinaDaily’s “Top 10 most valuable China time-honored brands in 2016.”

Information originally sourced from APNews.