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Susan Alexandra has been one of the leading fashion trendsetters in Downtown New York for quite some time. In the wake of this pandemic, she has taken to raising money for charity through adorable means. A few weeks ago, Alexandra began selling custom dollhouse miniatures of NYC-based food dishes in a philanthropic effort to combat Covid-19. 

"My neighbor Doria—who is a gifted baker—dropped off a slice of chocolate chess pie with whipped cream. It was incredible! I always have extra clay and paint on hand, and now, with extra time in the mix, I thought I would make her a mini version of the pie as a thank you. I posted on Instagram and people were clambering to get their own," explained Alexandra in an interview with Time Out New York.

"All of our favorite restaurants are closed or serving in limited capacity right now. What better way to appreciate the food you love and miss than to own a mini version?" Alexandra continued. "I made a mini version of the radishes and chocolate tart for my friends at [the Lower East Side restaurant] Wildair and have been getting a lot of other requests to re-create meals from specific restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen, Via Carota and Balthazar. I am obsessed with food, so working on mini versions of my favorite subject matter has been a pleasure!" Yesterday's sales and requests have reached up to 80. There are surely more orders to come.

One miniature food dish is worth $67. Every purchase will see the proceeds go to the non-profit called No Kid Hungry. The organization “deploys funds to ensure access to free meals for children who depend on school to provide food.” 

Alexandra is no stranger to crafting, but when it comes to working with clay-based minis like these, she's still a novice. 

"The most challenging [one to create] so far has been a seafood tower...the architecture and tiers were so much work! The number one request has been some iteration of seafood pasta, shrimp cocktail, oysters and shrimp and grits," she said.

You can purchase a mini from her website and then send your receipt to to complete your request.

Information originally sourced from Time Out New York.