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In North Andover, one can find Darby Scott, a fashion designer that has had her own luxury goods company since 1994. She is the founder of the shop, which functions both as her atelier and boutique. It's supplied with lovely dresses, jumpsuits, jewelry, as well as her most sought-after and most exclusive product - bejeweled purses with an animal skin flourish.

When asked about the first piece she ever designed for her brand by NorthShoreMagazine, Scott replied "I am inspired by color and a fabric’s texture and drape. I’m also inspired by travel, museums, art, and architecture, as well as the luster and inherent beauty of a natural product. I strive to make longevity a part of my work and not design anything that’s throw-away chic."

When it comes to the bare necessities that she keeps in her own purse, Scott prefers "Doggie bags, ChapStick, and makeup. Oh, and I always keep a piece of poetry in my wallet. It’s inspirational (and private)."

She was also asked about her favorite travel destinations, and as of "right now, it’s Martha’s Vineyard. My husband has a place there. He and his family have been there for years—in Chilmark. It’s very isolated, simple, and stunningly beautiful. It’s a great place to let go of everything."

"I have this suit in my collection that I made for myself, and it wears like iron. I hate to be a wrinkled mess when I travel," she continued regarding her most favorite outfit for travel. "With a blouse, turtleneck or cashmere sweater on top, you can wear the topper and the skirt or wear khaki pants instead of the skirt and some loafers. It’s a three-season piece that is simple, elegant, and sophisticated."

When asked about future business plans, Scott said that "right now, we’re adding soft leather to our women’s bag collection, which is more serviceable for everyday use. So we’re putting jewelry on a day bag—a tote, one with a hobo structure and another that looks like a clutch but has a full wallet inside, a cross body strap option, and a chain option, since chains are coming back."

When asked about her favorite piece of jewelry in her collection, she said it was "the mosaic cocktail ring. It’s such a statement. It’s gold with Labradorite and diamonds and the Labradorite looks like tropical fish scales."

Information originally sourced from NorthShoreMagazine.