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In an interview with Elle, Nicole Richie talks of her jewelry brand, her first New York Fashion Week and more!

When asked about her jewelry collection and how it's inspired by honeycombs, Richie said, "But it’s not literal. It’s not bee-shaped jewelry. It’s more of a vibe. There are natural stones like citrine, and lots of gold... I own 200 bees, and they inspire me. It’s meditation being around them. I even take off my gloves sometimes when I’m harvesting."


When asked what it's like to have 2000s designs on Gen Z pop stars, Richie said, "The 2000s trend is something I don’t really recognize. It feels very different to how I remember it. I think we’re cherry picking what we want out of it. And some of the things I wore, I still have. Some I’ll never wear again. Getting dressed has to be about right now. It’s about self-expression. You don’t want to think, Will I be embarrassed in 20 years? Because you will. You will laugh at yourself in 20 years. So be loose about it. Enjoy."

When asked why her New York Fashion Week presentation was a virtual forest, Richie said, "Because I don’t think you should have to choose between being glamorous and being fully in nature. It’s a huge inspiration to the collection as a whole, because I’m working with rich tones and a luxe feel but also having it be fully about appreciating being outside and outdoors. I wanted to put the two together. I would wear these clothes everywhere, outside and inside."

"Oh my god. I went to, like, six different shows," said Richie about her first fashion week. "It was such a big deal for me, and I didn’t know anything about it. I was going to so many fashion shows, and then going to so many parties. Seriously, how did I have all this energy?!"


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When asked what fashion pieces she still owns from back in the day, Richie said, "Bed jackets! I was wearing those then, and I still love them now. I have all my headscarves. I have all my jewelry, of course. And you know, I have all my old Louboutins, but I can’t fit into them anymore, because I had children."

Information originally sourced from Elle.