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M Jewelers has created the biggest online presence for personalized jewelry. In an interview with Forbes, founder Mark Shami discusses the company’s path to such an accomplishment.

When MJewelers founder Mark Shami was asked about his company’s reputation with celebrities like Billie Eilish, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and more, he said, “The celebrity aspect of the brand happened very organically. We receive a lot of styling requests and pulls for shoots. We’ve been able to maintain great relationships and friendships with the stylists and editorial we work with. We’re able to make our pieces in house which allows us to turnaround a custom item for a shoot overnight.”


“It all felt surreal when we leased our first office in NYC and hired our first employees,” said Shami about the company’s biggest milestone, in his opinion, both past and present. "It was only a 800 sq ft office in the garment district and we outgrew it quickly. We ended up moving to bigger floors in the building every few months because we were out of space. We just recently leased a 4,000 sq foot office in SoHo, NY and have started building out an entire new production space which was always our dream in the beginning.”

“We’re always trying to align with brands and partners we believe in and fit our NYC ethos. We have been working on a license with the MLB for the past 2 years that we are finally launching this year, as well as an activation with programming to follow where we will highlight NYC creatives,” said Shami when asked about MJewelers’ brand partnership strategy.

When asked about his company’s experience through the pandemic, Shami said, “When Our process is very unique and each piece is completely custom and made by hand so covid really shook us up. It really forced us to become more remote overall and get creative with our rollouts of new styles & collaborations. Our sales increased drastically during covid so we even had to get some of our jewelers equipment to work from home. We sustained it [and] it made us stronger than ever.”


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“We are opening our permanent store in NYC on Mulberry street in Summer 2021. We are constantly continuing to find ways to improve our functionality and customer experience while we expand our production capabilities,” said Shami about future plans.

Information originally sourced from Forbes.