Amidst the pandemic, members of the jewelry industry are still expanding, and one example is Jenna Fisher's latest return to SoCal. The jewelry designer's new West Coast flagship is sure to turn heads in Beverly Hills. In an interview with JCK, she talks of the new flagship and more.

When asked about what made her gravitate towards her newest space, Fisher said, "I really felt that we should be in a location where people are eating and drinking and running errands. I didn’t want to be too far east. I didn’t want to be too far west. Our location is a great part of Beverly Hills to be in. I wanted it to feel convenient for everybody. It was all about finding the perfect store that was easily accessible, which is who we are as a jewelry brand. We found the spot over two years ago. We are big patrons of the restaurants around the store, and I thought it would be smart to position ourselves close to popular food establishments.


"When I was younger, I would come to Beverly Hills to go shopping and go to Melrose [Avenue], but also go through the dreamy stores on Rodeo Drive. It was always a dream, maybe one day I could have a store here. Maybe one day I would have a business big enough to be in the same neighborhood as these stores. I thought, Whatever it is I end up doing, maybe one day I could be here."

"Everything is there. We have launched a few new fine jewelry products in New York City and L.A. to celebrate the L.A. opening, but we want our customers on both coasts to always have access to all of our offerings," said Fisher when asked if there will be any differences in the inventory brought to the west coast.  We are really fortunate that the type of jewelry we make is jewelry that people want to wear every day. We’re not so precious that you only wear it one time and then put it away and don’t wear it unless you’re going to an event."


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When asked to describe the similarities and differences in her L.A. and NY clientele, Fisher said, "L.A. is one of our biggest markets, with a clientele that really responds to the styling and design of the jewelry. The collection fits very well with West Coast style."

All information originally sourced from JCK.

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