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When it comes to running a successful jewelry business, there are many moving parts that need to be in order, especially during a pandemic. Jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb is one of many in her industry that has taken to selling through her presence on social media and on her website. In an interview with JCK, she shares her thoughts on the latest trends and how the pandemic has affected the industry as well.


"Our top three sellers have all been bracelets, funnily enough: the Slider bangle, the I Am bracelet, and Roberto Demeglio’s Aura bracelets," said Gottlieb regarding a question on the three most popular types of pieces sold in the previous six months."

"I would say that overall, ring shopping is down, largely because of the inconvenience of wearing rings with the constant use of hand sanitizer and gloves!" said Gottlieb on current trends during the pandemic. "Bracelets are up big time for us, and I think it’s because of the ease of wear and ability to just leave them on all the time."


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When asked about the pandemic and how it has affected business, Gottlieb said, "Luckily our business has not been drastically impacted in a negative way. There were definitely a few weeks where it was difficult to run “business as usual” because all of our factories were closed worldwide, starting in Asia, then in Europe, and finally in the U.S. But now that production has resumed, we feel confident in the direction our e-comm business has taken. We are fortunate that we were set up to work with clients remotely; we have scheduled Zoom meetings and arranged for consignment packages. As we go into the fall, we are pushing to create a more seamless experience for the shopper so that they can feel comfort in shopping from home. Production will be slower due to our factories trying to maintain social distance and safety measures for their workers, so this is a huge consideration for us going into holiday. We are going to be back-stocking more inventory than we normally would so that we’re prepared for holiday deliveries."

Information originally sourced from JCK.