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Bella Neyman and J.B. Jones have been primary fixtures of the contemporary New York jewelry scene for quite some time. The pair will be leading the charge for the upcoming New York City Jewelry Week, which will be the first and only week that the city will be investing into the educational promotion of the jewelry industry.


The "cultural" event will be taking place between November 12th and 18th, with a focus on how each division of the industry wants to impart their messages to the public.


“Jewelry has become so popular among so many people, so we wanted to highlight all the places in the city you can go to learn about it,” said Neyman.


New York City Jewelry Week will feature places where consumers can purchase product from individual jewelers, artists, designers and other businesses throughout the city. The event will contain various exhibitions, exclusive tours, educational lectures, workshops and unique collaborations with many other brands throughout the industry.


20180821 Mahnaz Collection


The current line-up of events taking place during the Jewelry Week will feature an exhibition by the Mahnaz Collection in Midtown Manhattan entitled “Jewelry of the American Southwest." The organizers of the event predict that there will be up to 60-65 additional exhibitions and events during the week.


Visit for more information about the upcoming events, or contact the co-founders for further updates.