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Yael Fraynd of YaYa Publicity is a PR firm that represents Kassandra Nicholson, Jennifer Zeuner, and Edward Avedis to name a few. In an interview with JCK, Fraynd describes the life of a New York-based PR agent during the Corona Virus quarantine.

"I’m based in New York City and stayed here through all of quarantine—even in March and April when things seemed bleak here," said Fraynd about where she's based and who she's quarantining with. "I have a husband and three young children, so we were our own little quarantine pod. It was hectic with schedules and working from home, but we made it work. Like most New Yorkers, we’re no longer in full lockdown but are still being cautious and adjusting to the new normal."



When asked by JCK about how her work environment is during the quarantine, Fraynd said, "Working from home during quarantine was challenging with my three little kids—especially, while they were still in school. However, 10 years ago, at the start of YaYa Publicity, I didn’t have my own office, so I knew how to make it work. I make it a point to get dressed every single day as if I had client meetings for a sense of normalcy. I do the same with my kids, keeping all of our routines as if we were still heading out for work and school. I ordered a desk for myself in March, which did not arrive until May, so there were about two months of me working from my laptop on top of my bedroom dresser and kitchen table. Pre-COVID, I was out most of the day every day during the week, so having me home every day made my kids feel like I was there to play. It definitely was an adjustment for everyone to understand that “mommy had to work.” There would be jewelry pulls happening on my kitchen table, and my kids wanted to “help” all the time. I had to explain that all the sparkly and fun jewelry was part of my work and not for dress-up. As a PR agency owner, with clients both domestic and international, I pride myself on always being accessible no matter the time of day. PR never sleeps!"

Information originally sourced from JCK.