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In an interview with, jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb talks about her latest work and more. Upon her founding of her luxury jewelry brand in 2013, she opted to take a "social first" approach to maintaining an online presence.

When asked what pieces make up the core design philosophy of her brand, Gottlieb said, "The Slider Bangle™ is one of them! I knew when we designed the first piece that this was going to be something that my customer would love! It speaks to the core of our business, which is about creating something personal, that has a modern twist on a classic design. The Undecided™ band is another one– the entire idea behind the design was that so many of our clients (myself included) can’t decide between two great options, so instead of trying to choose, you get both!! The first Undecided™  Band was something I designed for myself as an anniversary gift from my husband, featuring Emerald cut and Round diamonds set in Rose Gold. And then of course Rainbow!! We have so many amazing Rainbow designs, but the one that stands out is my Half-Rainbow, Half-Diamond band. This was actually the first version of the Undecided™ Ring."

Gottlieb was then asked for advice on how to stay true to oneself in this business, to which she said, "I’m involved in every decision- big and small. I see every DM, almost every email, and review orders on a weekly basis. I am super in touch with what the customer wants, needs, and eventually orders.  This becomes harder and harder as my team grows and I am removed from the day-to-day, but I think a huge part of our success has been that I’m really tapped into who the SG girl is. So much of what I’ve done to date has been organic, and true to who I am as a person, so I think if I stick with my gut and continue to embed SG (the person) into SG (the brand), that will come across in the product, marketing, and inevitable success of the company."

"I don’t generally create with a location in mind, but I do create for how I would wear a piece," said Gottlieb when asked if she ever has a specific location in mind when creating her pieces—being a New Yorker herself. "Jewelry for everyday layering, items that I can easily travel with, pieces that are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways! NYC has an energy that I feed off of, and I LOVE being in my office surrounded by my team. The Hamptons has been a beautiful escape during COVID, and is my favorite place to be during the Summer, but NYC is where I really thrive!"

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