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Jewelry business owners are doing their best to keep up during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the business owners is Sadé Hooks, founder of fine jewelry brand Sadé. In an interview with JCK, she talks of her time in New York during the pandemic and more.


"It goes without saying that the early days were pretty scary," said Hooks about living in New York during the pandemic. "However, I must admit it was kind of nice being in a quiet city (for once!). Living in New York in our pre-COVID days—there was never any time to slow down, it was always go, go, go! So in the early months I really enjoyed doing all of the things that I never had time to do: checking in on and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while, trying and learning new things that I never had time to do. I took lots of online classes, got really into Kundalini yoga, joined a remote book club. I was really trying to navigate and enjoy 'stillness.'  When the novelty of that wore off (and honestly it took a while for it to!) I found myself really missing the people and places that shaped this city for me. The city has definitely changed a lot, and I guess in some ways, I have too."


When asked about which of her pieces are the most popular and why, Hooks said, "I would say it would be a tie between my Heirloom rings and the Wide Awakes special edition Mati ring (both pictured, above). I think people are drawn to the Heirloom rings because they’re either one- or some-of-a-kind—they’re intentionally rare. They also have a really nice weight to them. And the Wide Awakes Mati rings are just awesome and really powerful pieces. Plus, how can you resist alexandrites and opals? Both have such brilliant, otherworldly colors."


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When asked how business has been during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hooks said, "It’s actually been pretty good, which feels weird to say, considering the times. The increased attention on Black creatives since last summer has been wonderful, especially since a lot of people were not aware of the diversity of talent out there. I’ve also been able to participate in some amazing opportunities with Female Design Council and NYC Jewelry Week and its Here We Are initiative, and I worked on a collaboration with the Wide Awakes—all of which has brought a lot of love and attention to my brand. The pandemic hasn’t changed my plans for my brand. If anything, it’s giving me the time and space to play and explore other things related to my brand. There are some non-jewelry products that I’ve been dreaming up and slowly working on that I hope to launch in the next few months."

Information originally sourced from JCK.