In an interview with Elle, fashion designer Tia Adeola talks about her aspirations to travel as well as her limited-edition luggage collection.

When asked which travel destinations she's thinking of visiting first, Adeola said, "I don’t know what COVID is looking like at the minute, but I really want to go to Brazil. I just love the beach. I feel like I’m happiest there—I have clear thoughts. I was having a conversation with a friend who I travel with quite a lot, and we were like, “Where should we go next?” And he was like, “Let’s go to Paris in November.” I’m like, “Why would you go to Paris in November?” That’s not my vibe. Brazil is at the top of my list."


When asked which city has the best fashion scene in the world, Adeola said, "New York, I love you but would have to give it to my previous hometown, London. I’m really big on fit and how clothes fit on the body. And in London, you walk down Oxford Street or Shoreditch and everyone is just dressed so well. I feel like people really wear well-fitted clothes in London and just Europe as a whole, but more so in London. Americans love baggy clothes. Which, hey, I love baggy clothes too, but I’m more of a fitted girl, for sure."


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"The first thing I will say before I even open my mouth to give advice is that I’m still learning every day," said Adeola when asked if she has any advice for aspiring designers and small business owners. "I still make mistakes every day. I’m still trying to be a better business owner every day. One thing I would say is just keep going. There are days where I feel like everything is going wrong, my production is late, my interns can’t show up, and sometimes in those moments you just need to sit with yourself and regroup and just try again the next day. The second thing I would say is that you can’t do it all. If you really want to build something legitimate, you can’t do it alone. Having a team is very important. So I would say try to definitely build a team of people that you trust and get your vision."

Information originally sourced from Elle.

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