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Star Wars now has a new brand of fine jewelry to call its own. In an interview with, president of brands at Renaissance Global Roopam Jain, and vice president of design and merchandising Limor Magidov spoke of their favorite pieces, and the philosophy behind their creation.


Jain was asked about the seven categories that represent these capsules and how he came to use said categories. "We tried to capture the essence of the classic Star Wars trilogy and we wanted to speak to the duality of each storyline — for example, good versus evil in the “Balance of the Force” capsule collection, or complementary personalities in the “Friendship” capsule collection," said Jain. "Our team sat together along with the Lucasfilm licensing team and came up with the most important themes that would resonate with every Star Wars fan."


When asked about his favorite pieces in the collection Jain said, "I like the 10K yellow gold, sterling silver, and diamond Jedi Master Pendant, because it depicts Yoda in a seated meditation pose. To me, it really ties back into the inspirational teachings from Joseph Campbell that George Lucas incorporated into the original films. The 10K yellow gold and diamond piece inspired by the Child is another, because The Mandalorian is so interesting! I’m so curious about the Child’s background and story that I can’t wait for the release of the rest of Season 2. And the R2-D2-inspired women’s ring that is a stackable set of three sterling silver and diamond rings with garnet and sapphire give a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite, loyal, and lighthearted droid. It also allowed us to incorporate colorful gemstones into the assortment."


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When asked how long each jade Yoda pendant takes to make, Magidov said, "just to give a little bit of background, the inspiration for this piece came from Eastern philosophy and talisman pendants that are carved out of jade. Jade is a stone that represents harmony and wisdom, which was the perfect match for Yoda’s character, both in a spiritual sense as well as tying back to his green coloration from a storytelling point of view. Sourcing this stone and searching the globe to find the right artisan stone cutter for this project took a long time! Once we found our stone cutting expert, we used a 3-D Yoda file provided by Lucasfilm to create a CAD [or computer-aided design] that was machine carved into each stone. Then each carving was touched up and polished by hand. This process takes a few days as we need to allow the artisans the time to perfect each stone and make sure the details do not get lost."

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