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P.O.W.E.R. is the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized. As of today, the organization celebrates its newest members (known as Women of Empowerment) who are recognized in many fields, not only fashion and jewelry.

The list of new Women of Empowerment includes:

Areva Martin--Law/Legal Services
Gerianne Phoebe Garcia-Laigo--Healthcare
Sharon A. Rodriguez--Retail Industry
Monica Davies--Publishing
Kathleen A. Hajj-Thomas--E-Commerce
Jean P. Campbell--Publishing
Jennifer M. Schmitt--Food/Beverages
Joyce L. Campbell--Mental Health Care
Bridget M. Shannon-Mackey--Pharmaceuticals
Tracy Tutor--Real Estate
Melissa Alcantara--Health/Fitness
Darlene Dingess-Adkins--Education
D'Andra Gonzales--Real Estate
Sara Marie Murphy--Beauty/Cosmetics
Akea D. Shephard--Real Estate
Anne Hinton--Entertainment
Carrie Ann Inaba--Entertainment
Mary Sue Jedele--Advertising/Marketing
Christa Ellen Peitz--Spiritual Awakenings
Nancy Clay Levine--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Clara Mercuri--Health/Fitness
Patricia Sharbor--Contracting
Susan N. Wasson--Cleaning Service
Lori Smith Bajorek--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Angie Fairbanks--Business
Denise Evans--Apparel/Fashion
Tammie Wright--Embroidery and Screen Printing
Tina Stern--Animal Care
Marilyn Lee--Publishing
Sharon C. Bosarge--Education
Myrah Bean--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jessica L. Buchanan--Financial Services
Manon F. Menard--Healthcare
Che Stewart--Real Estate
Margie A. Anderson--Financial Services
Sharon M. Hazard--Embroidery and Screen Printing
Tammy M. Peterson--Ministry
Radhika Jadcherla--Telecommunications
Nina Utsey--Human Resources/HR
Sharifa Raouf--Apparel/Fashion
Lacey Williams--Business development
Suzie Hadlock--Retail Industry
JoAnn Carter--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Michele Medrano--Cleaning Service
Stephanie A. Alarco-Johnson--Retail Industry
Teresa L. Hoffman--Food/Beverages
Nicole M. Gonzalez--Automotive
Magdalena Altman--Staffing/Recruiting
Norma J. Walker--Healthcare
Susan Eubanks--Gaming/Casinos
Cynthia L. Winfield--Information Technology/IT
DeBorah Alston--Publishing
Susan Kathleen McMillan--Business Owner
Christine L. Cirre--Jewelry
Linda Rankin Alumbaugh--Beauty/Cosmetics
Marrisa Thompson--Education
Amy Clarissa Crew--Education
Tamara Paige--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Susan A. Skinner--Financial Services
Brenda I. Bencivenga--Business Owner
Galit Ventura Rozen--Business
Kenia Andrade--Law/Legal Services
Ingrid L. Rushing--Healthcare
Pamela S. Doyle--Education
LaTara L. Thomas-Jones--Financial Services
Sakimah Coleman--Publishing
Ruth M. Nju--Beauty/Cosmetics
Katheline M. First--E-Commerce
Requila L. Byrd--Coaching
Lana Danko--Transportation
Jenna M. Arnaz--Nutrition/Wellness
Barbara J. Beckley--Consulting
Ledia L. Regis--Law/Legal Services
Dawn Bogart--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Kelli-Jean Borrelli--Nonprofit Management
Yvette Whorton--Health Services
Tonya Williams--Religion
Jenea Sherman--Beauty/Cosmetics
Kristin Summers--Healthcare
Jewels L. Jaselle--Entertainment
Tiffany A. Hawthorne--Healthcare
Debbie Gannon--Staffing/Recruiting
Denna De Berry--E-Commerce
Shree Lee Allison--Beauty/Cosmetics
Ann M. Fuller--Apparel/Fashion
Leshia N. Durham--Coaching
Melissa Ann Rudo--Financial Services
Cassandra N. Roscoe--Mental Health Care
Belinel Pagan--Nutrition/Wellness
Kimberly Mae Nero--Publishing
Karen j. Wayne--Law/Legal Services
Carmela D. Sexton--Pet Care
Sedira M.C. Higgs--Beauty/Cosmetics
Tardanika A. Marshall--Food/Beverages
Karinn Glover--Healthcare
Brenda M. Boswell--Hospitality/Restaurant Equipment
Daphney Elie--Law/Legal Services
Kelci M. Lee-Harrison--Healthcare
Aliyah M. Perkins--Government
Jennifer A. Cervantes--Financial Services
Katherine I. Traviglia--Business
Sharla Nahring--Food/Beverages
Deborah Maria Rodgriguez--Consulting
Victoria S. Grundy--Financial Services
Felisha S. Wade--Healthcare
Michelle C. Williams-Clemons--Education
Claudia Noriega-Bernstein--Advertising/Marketing
Beverly D. Jackson--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tsikki Thau--Coaching
Virginia Cardoza--Pet Care
Demetra Gipson Bell--Consulting
Tylar D. LeBlanc--Beauty/Cosmetics
Barbara J. Riddle-Johnson--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Linda Cipera--Logistics/Procurement
Yueh-Ching Chung--Health/Fitness
Brittany N. Woodard--Healthcare
Sylvia A. Shue--Real Estate
Sylvia Benjamin--Retail Industry
Nancy E. Kunsak--Mental Health Care
Ernestine Johnson--Apparel/Fashion
Shar Gracelyn--Coaching
Lazena Johnson--Floral
Shira Stallworth--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tiffany R. Souza--Beauty/Cosmetics

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