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With Mother's Day on the horizon, Collections by Joya is here for all of your gifting needs. Their latest called Atelier contains pieces gathered through traveling and from CEO and co-founder Betsy Nacrelli's grandmother's collection.

Nacrelli was asked by Ladue News about her latest collection. "We wanted to make sure our new Atelier line, like the Joya brand, remained a lifestyle collection," she said. "We set out to create a fine collection that was timeless, casual and affordable – everyday diamonds or affordable luxury. A lot of fine jewelry pieces feel very formal and traditional. Our Atelier pieces [have] a more organic look and feel to them – something you want to wear from day to night."


"The new line fills a gap in the marketplace between fashion jewelry and high-end fine jewelry [by] offering precious gemstones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires," said Nacrelli regarding the designs within the collection. "It has always been my dream to incorporate precious stones and diamonds into the Joya brand. We wanted to stay true to the Joya aesthetic and brand, so the natural stones are always the star of the show, with each set in sophisticated, organic settings."

When asked about the design process, Nacrelli said, "Last May, we took a team design-and-inspiration trip to Florence, Italy, where we draw a lot of our inspiration for the Joya brand. We scoured antique shops, local jewelers and flea markets for inspiration for the Atelier collection. It was there we found many pieces that inspired the inaugural Joya Atelier collection. I then flew to Jaipur, India, and worked with our artisans to sketch and design the first round of samples for Atelier. It is there that I work with the stones as well, determining color combinations for each item."


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"It was amazing to see how quickly our community of small businesses rallied together to support one another," said Nacrelli when asked what support her company had received during these uncertain times. "It seemed like overnight, amazing organizations like the Gateway Resilience Fund and communities like #314TOGETHER were formed to support the small-business community in St. Louis."

"We just launched our new 314 Local Love box, collaborating with other St. Louis businesses to curate an assortment of amazing local products, [with] 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the Gateway Resilience Fund," continued Nacrelli. "Our 314 Local Love Box includes an STL Flag #314TOGETHER hat from Shop2Lu, an STL #314TOGETHER sticker designed by Emily Stahl, an STL Koozie from Series Six, a St. Louis retro keychain from STL-Style, Sugarfina Champagne Bears from Lusso and a Theresa Necklace from Joya!"

Information originally sourced from Ladue News.