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Joining the ranks of jewelry designers to watch, the LA-based and Mexican-born artist Daniela Villegas has been wowing onlookers during Paris Fashion Week with an impressive collection of her own. The theme of nature surrounds all of Villegas' designs, as she adorns her glittery eco-system with opulent stones such as sapphires, tsavorite, opal and more. In an interview last year, JCK sat down in an interview with Villegas in order to understand the consistent motifs in her work such as snakes, and the designer's most treasured creature, the crab.

Villegas chose the crab in tribute to her late grandfather whose astrological sign was Cancer. Her inspiration also stems from the symbolism of the creature, noting its meanings of protection, rebirth, and vulnerability as the crab sheds its exoskeleton to grow a new one. 

Daniela Villegas El Descanso necklace

“El Descanso means ‘the place that you go to rest and chill,’ ” said the designer regarding the title of her El Descanso necklace, complete with Peruvian opal and sapphires. “I want for that piece to transport you to a place that you feel at peace and happy.”

Daniela Villegas La Reina Coyote ring

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On top of the more amphibious fauna, Villegas has crowned a green chalcedony Coyote with a tiara, saying that “We must honor, respect, and be proud of ourselves in order to shine from within with our own sense of empowerment.”

Information originally sourced from JCK.