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Lagos Jewelry hit the scene back in 1977 when founder Steven Lagos turned 20 years old. The company now has offices in New York and Bangkok with its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1994, the Lagos flagship store opened up in Philly's Rittenhouse Square. Steven Lagos's daughter Kate Lagos has been eager to put her own spin on the family business. KSL is the newest collection from Lagos, which takes its familiar Caviar bracelets into a more youthful interpretation.


"LAGOS is known for its signature Caviar design – it’s the handcrafted beading that’s featured in every piece," said Kate Lagos to Fashion Week Daily, describing what sets this recent collection apart. "KSL is my personal take on our classic Caviar collections. It’s a little edgier, lighter in scale, and easy to layer. So much of what we do at LAGOS is spherical and rounded, I wanted to play with sharper lines."


Lagos was then asked about her inspiration for the KSL collection. "I’m inspired by travel and architecture, trends I see on the street, what my friends wear," she explained. "And looking around, I saw an opportunity in our portfolio for scalable pieces that would layer well. I wanted to design a collection that highlighted these trends but still fit into our portfolio."

"I love the small hoop earrings with the KSL charm," said Lagos of her favorite pieces to wear. "They’re a very different silhouette than anything else we have in our portfolio. The entire collection is designed for layering – even the earrings. In fact, I got another hole pierced in my ear so I could layer these into my look."


Lagos was then asked about how she first became interested in jewelry design, saying that "I’ve always been interested in fashion and jewelry because I grew up around it. But there are many aspects of the business that I enjoy and that I’m passionate about. I started in merchandising and transitioned to my current role as brand stylist. I get to see the product through a different lens and that’s what really inspired me to design this collection."


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When asked if she had any desire to collaborate with any particular jewelry designers, Lagos said that "Rachel Zoe was one of my favorite stylists and designers growing up. Her journey from stylist to lifestyle brand really inspired me. I like the idea of combining her apparel with one of our statement pieces so that your accessories truly become part of your look. It would be an amazing experience for me personally, as a fan, and for LAGOS."

Information originally sourced from FashionWeekDaily.