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26-year old London-based entrepreneur Pavel Dler has taken his love of fashion in media and turned it into a video news channel on the industry as a whole. The project is called Culted, and its content is largely films as well as several 60-second clips from varying international contributors.


When Dler was asked in an interview with PAPER if he'd worked in fashion before his project with Culted, he said, "So, I studied fashion design with marketing at Central Saint Martins, and since then, I've consulted small and emerging brands with digital strategy and setting them up with influencers. And I've continued that up until Culted needed my full attention. It's been a bit intense, the last year. And I had no life, I don't work with any other brands but Culted. So fashion marketing was my background, and I helped brands produce content, and helped them with their influencer marketing and so on. So that's how Culted actually came about as well."

"There were quite a few industry people that I reached out to starting out, and people from the British Fashion Council, that said, 'Oh, a news channel for the industry? That's not really going to work. Brands rely on traditional media and they believe in traditional media.' Basically thinking that we just come across childish, or not going to be taken serious," said Dler on the challenges of getting Culted started. "And now seeing someone like Sarah Mower and Christopher Kane follow Culted, and like our things, means a lot. It's become something that's quite serious and feels like a legit news channel."


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When asked what the future holds for Culted, Dler said, "At the moment we're working on our entertainment division, which will hopefully launch in 2021. There's so many amazing creatives like video directors and photographers that we would love to collaborate with to create entertainment shows with for fashion. At the same time, we're having a relaunch for Culted News for when we get back to the office, where we'll bring on a whole new cast of diverse [presenters]. We're trying not to limit ourselves by the traditional ways of how fashion works — before we took some of our talent from modeling agencies but now we've actually gone out ourselves, looking for talent who deserve to be poached, some of them aren't even in fashion."

Information originally sourced from PAPER.