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Danny Newfeld is the Israel-based jewelry designer that’s making waves in the industry with his brand new signature collection. The Danny Newfeld Jewelry Collection is the manufacturer’s latest offering. The QVC Jewelry Designer is also the owner of Paz Creations, and his 25 years of experience in the industry has surely aided him in the making of his newest project. His meticulous leadership can be seen in each of the pieces, as he has been involved throughout every step of the process of jewelry production. His choices can be felt from the very design and manufacturing to retail and distribution.

The popular QVC Jewelry Designer has become one of the most recognizable aspects of his program, boasting several collections including the Sterling Silver and heirloom quality 14K Gold Collection named Or Paz and Add Paz respectively. Danny’s involvement in the process of creation and more has ensured that this collection is of the same high quality of craftsmanship as those that came before.

"What I love most about designing for QVC are the connections that I have built with my community." said Newfeld in a statement. "With the launch of my new collection, I transformed that relationship and designed a collection including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces inspired by customer feedback. With personalized, engravable and options (such letters, names or birthstone choices) every treasure tells its own story.”

Newfeld’s inspiration comes from every bit of geography and culture emanating from Israel. When he hears positive news from his community, it makes his work all the more rewarding. "My connection to my customers really deepens when I receive pictures of thrilled customers wearing my jewelry,” he said.

The brand new Danny Newfeld Jewelry Collection is available in 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. The most notable parts of its design are the beaded edges and smooth lines, all made with stunning attention to detail. Each piece can be customized and is finished by hand. Birthstones and engravings can be included as part of the aforementioned customization feature. You can find and purchase the Danny Newfeld Collection exclusively at

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