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During these trying times, retail shops are looking to expand their online presence now more than ever. With Father's Day approaching, INOX Jewelry has a glut of affordable jewelry for any kind of dad. For the "Down to Earth" dad, the Stonehenge Collection is the right fit, replete with hematite, jasper, and onyx.

The Valentino collection is perfect for the luxury-loving dad, using Bubinga woods and diamonds. The newest addition is the wooden cross pendant.

"Our business is active 365 days a year, with peaks for holiday and Father’s Day, following the retail apparel selling cycle," says Mark Hollis, Founder of SalesOne LLC "Most retailers do not have room for all of our collections, and now most have their stores temporarily shuttered. In addition, our styles differ from shop to shop, servicing a variety of dads. We recently launched microsites for our retailers to expand their online assortment, just in time for Father’s Day. For the Spring/Summer 2020 season, we’ve launched over one hundred styles, giving the brand fresh looks, while offering attractive price points for Father’s Day.”

There are different parts of INOX Jewelry to suit every kind of dad. The newest pieces from the American Flag collection is goof for any patriot. If your dad loves to fish, then there are anchor-inspired jewelry being offered as well.


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“Our Athleisure bracelets, for the ‘Athletic Dad,’ were designed to be comfortable to wear and durable, so your dad doesn't need to take it off for working on the yard, or pumping iron in the basement,” says INOX Brand Manager, Sebastian Velasquez. “INOX is about giving men options— and those words are never as relevant as during the Father's Day season. Dads do not come in a ‘standard,’ they are each as unique as the relationship they share with their children, and so their gift should be,” he concluded.

About INOX Jewelry

INOX’s design-driven aesthetic has established the company as a leader in men’s jewelry. Since 2007, INOX has partnered with international retailers, crafting elevated accessories for men in mixed precious and industrial metals and gemstones, including: gold, silver, diamonds, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, jasper, and exotic woods. INOX Jewelry—strength in style.

Information originally sourced from Artfix Daily.