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Michael Harris has joined Mercury Ring after spending 17 years at the New Jersey-based jewelry manufacturer Camelot Bridal. Hailing from New Jersey, Harris graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, and had his start in the jewelry world in high school.

In 2001, he joined up with Tessler & Weiss/Premesco and Camelot Bridal. He became president of the latter whilst overseeing sales of the former. Unfortunately, after the death of owner Mark Tessler in September of last year at the age of 71, Tessler & Weiss was shut down.

“The goal of Mercury is to be able to provide the independent jeweler everything they need to be successful in today’s economy,” said the 39-year-old Harris in a statement to National Jeweler. He will be focusing on creating hundreds of new designs every year and concurrent displays for each product. marketing materials, Harris will also play a role in developing both traditional and digital marketing materials, memo packages, special holiday programs and a bevy of unique products.