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In an interview with JCK, jewelry designer Jennie Yoon discusses her thoughts on going into bridal and wedding collections with her brand "Vow," and more.


When asked to describe why she decided to head into the bridal and wedding business with her jewelry, Yoon said, "I’m at an age where a lot of my friends have been married for some time. The feedback I often get is: “I don’t wear my engagement ring anymore. My style has changed.” So I would reset my friend’s rings by changing the setting and metal. I knew design. That’s where it started to grow. From Kinn’s perspective, our customers have been growing with the brand. They might have made their first purchase when they were 26 or 27. Now, they’re ready for their next chapter. Launching Vow late last year was a really natural move."


Yoon was then asked if she predicts a further wedding boom post-pandemic, to which she said, "Yeah. I think a lot of people saved a lot of money. They spent a lot of months at home, not traveling. They saw the rise of the stock market, got repeated checks from the government. It gave more people more savings. A lot of them are thinking, “I’m ready to party, I’m ready to celebrate. We’re ready to make it official.” I also have customers who got married on paper, and now they’re ready to make it official. I think we can expect things bigger for 2022, specifically with engagement rings. I don’t think 2021 was the peak.


"With Vow, when we first launched in October, I wanted to be mindful that it’s not just for people getting married for the first time, but also for people who want to reset their rings. A lot of people are simply renewing their vows and thinking, 'I’d love to add something to my original piece and celebrate that milestone.'"


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When asked to describe the aesthetics of this latest collection, Yoon said, "Certainly, there are forever classics, like oval diamonds. A lot of people are drawn to my designs because I take a nod from the past and create classics married with a vintage look and feel. With Kinn, you don’t think of dainty stackable jewelry—they’re definitely chunkier, bolder, make-a-statement rings."

Information originally sourced from JCK.