Fortrove News

Marco Miserendino has recently been appointed as board chairman of the Canadian Jewelers Association for both 2018 to 2019. Miserendino has garnered sufficient experience in the jewelry industry by serving as ice president, managing director and co-owner alongside his sister, Paola at the Montreal jewelry store  called Bijouterie Italienne.



He has acquired several new titles, including being a titleholder in the American Gem Society CRJ as well as Master Jeweler for the Independent Jewelers Organization. He will be joined by the CJA's first vice chairwoman Lena Nazzaro of Gucci Watch & Jewelry, and Umesh Shah of RJB Diamonds and Stephen Cole of Spicer Cole Fine Jewelers; both of whom were past co-chairmen of their respective companies. Gail Golberg of Beverly Hills Jewellers Manufacturing Ltd will be serving as treasurer for the board of directors throughout 2018 and 2019. 

Miserendino attended the University of Quebec in Montreal where he majored in accounting and business management. His expertise will surely be a great asset to the CJA's board of directors.