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When it comes to the luxuries of fine, high-end jewelry, when a woman becomes a mother, some of said luxuries could certainly become an issue if the little ones get their hands on them. Hoop earrings, for one, can be a massive no-no due to the fear of having them pulled from your earlobes. However, these pieces are sure to give some insight as to what new mothers could wear while tending to their youngsters.

While earrings are officially off-the-table, certain rings, and bracelets can be worn with impunity whilst not sacrificing the ornamentation of jewels. One sterling silver and sodalite bracelet by William Henry (pictured below) is perfect to wear around your infant and costs $450.William Henry sodalite Dauntless bracelet

Another piece (pictured below) is this 18k yellow gold reversible lambskin leather bracelet from Moritz Glik with diamonds and sapphires in a white sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker for $4,660.

Moritz Glik leather and sapphire bracelet

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These are only a couple of options that new and expectant mothers can wear in order to maintain a safe, baby-proof atmosphere for their little ones.