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Kerry Lynn is the owner of Love Locked, a boutique based in Jersey City, NJ that has amassed quite the jewelry clientele such as Everett Fine Jewelry, Ruta Reifen, DMD Metal, and more. In an interview with JCK, Lynn talked about business during the pandemic as well as the trends of the bridal industry.


When asked about her thoughts on a surge in engagement ring sales last spring, Lynn had some things to say about whether or not those trends have risen, stating, "Absolutely, engagement ring sales increased tremendously! So many sweet couples have come and said quarantining together was pivotal in deciding to get engaged. My wedding band sales, however, have steeply declined since November. The couples that are getting married this winter are leaning toward a simple wedding band with plans to get a second band for when they are able to safely have a larger celebration."

"My bridal business continues to increase every week," said Lynn, describing how well business is going. "I’m very, very grateful. I’m excited for the spring to see more couples getting married outside."


"There is a very wide range in my customers’ aesthetic, but I would say they are elegant and edgy. I’ve been asked to create a lot of solitaire rings with hidden details or surprise diamonds, which makes a simple ring more personal," said Lynn regarding the latest best sellers. "Every designer I carry has such unique style. My customers LOVE interesting shapes like shield cuts and kites. This year, I had a lot of requests for colored diamonds, light-pink champagnes, and salt and peppers. Montana sapphires, too! I’ve noticed more rings being set east-west, which is also very pretty and a great seller."

As far as pricing, Lynn talked about the most reasonable ranges, saying, "for pricing, I’ve always wanted a store that anyone, on any budget, could buy something that makes them happy, so I have jewelry that starts at $12 but my prices go up to $40,000 or more for custom projects. I’m happy to work with my clients where they feel comfortable. I have found that most budgets have increased this year."



When asked how her business has evolved since the pandemic, Lynn said, "I FaceTime frequently and show my remote customers loose stones through video messages when applicable. I do a lot more sales on Instagram based on photos and way more shipping than previous years. I really love meeting people in person, but it’s been cool to meet new customers in Boston and California, etc., over FaceTime!"

Information originally sourced from JCK.