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Tiffany & Co. has just recently launched its new T1 collection, putting Adut Akech as the face of the latest campaign. The collection looks to have luxury pieces in either 18k rose gold as well as 18k yellow and white gold. Tiffany & Co. has recently posted the latest campaign photos on social media.

When asked in an interview with HYPEBAE about where the connection with Tiffany & Co. started, Akech said "I have been traveling the world for years now and of course learned about Tiffany’s very early on. I have always admired the timelessness of the pieces and the brand. Once my agency, The Society, helped me book my first campaign with them I fell in love and got to experience Tiffany’s luxury first-hand."

"I was quarantined with my mother and siblings in Adelaide. In the beginning, it was surreal and I focused on turning my time at home into quality bonding and catch up time with my younger siblings as I am rarely home for large amounts of time," said Akech regarding how the quarantine has changed things for her. "As weeks turned to months, I channeled my anxiety into home projects to help my mother in my absence. Although I feel I accomplished things and am grateful for quality family time, it was extremely challenging personally and emotionally to be extracted so completely from my usual, crazy – traveling life. I have such respect for those on the front lines of this battle."



She also expanded on what the modeling and fashion industries have been adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying "this pandemic has hit our industry hard making the simplest of things much more difficult. The industry has had to scale back productions in a large way to keep people safe. This inability to travel between certain countries also has a major impact on so many designers and models."

"It is an absolute honor to be a face of such an iconic and elegant brand. Being on set with such an amazing team of individuals was such an incredible experience," said Akech on what it's like to be involved with Tiffany & Co.

Information originally sourced from HYPEBAE.