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In an interview with Glamour, 25-year-old model, activist, and Armani Beauty Ambassador Valentina Sampaio talks about her beauty secrets.

When asked what beauty means to her, Sampaio said, "For me, beauty is a person's essence. Being connected to your essence, that means that you are your true self and that for me is both beautiful and empowering. I remember my mum used to have a particular red lipstick that she would apply on special occasions, and it was so empowering and inspiring to see that side of her. That’s why it means so much to me to be announced as an Armani Beauty ambassador - it represents a major moment in my life, both personally and a member of the global trans community."

When asked what her daily mantra is to help stay positive, Sampaio said, "I always try to stay grounded and connected with my roots, and stay connected to my family. I’m very close with them, so the pandemic was really hard as I was living in New York at the beginning of the lockdown. As soon as I realized it was going to go on for a while, I went straight to Brazil to go back home again. 

"It was a good time for me in the sense that I spent more time with my family since I started my career as a model – almost five months straight. And that was an amazing gift. They always help me to see the good and stay positive, and they’ve always been so supportive of my journey and my transition. They allowed me to dream and to accept myself."


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When asked how her thoughts on beauty have changed over the course of her transition, Sampaio said, "Make-up was one of the major symbols and tools of femininity for me throughout my life. It was through make-up that I grew in connection and confidence with my true self. Now, when it comes to makeup, I love blush, especially a liquid blush or creamy lipstick that I can use on my cheeks and eyes but also on my lips. My current favorite is Armani Beauty Lip Power in Androgino - it’s a pinky nude and is very comfortable to wear. As for skincare, I am very strict about washing my face before bed and applying SPF every day."

Information originally sourced from Glamour.