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Friday Night Lights actress, Minka Kelly has started working with ABLE to establish an ethical jewelry collection with the fashion brand. The 39-year-old talked about her collaborators at length with PEOPLE, stating that “I first started collaborating with ABLE in 2009, after I lost my mom in 2008 because they create jobs for women who don’t have the opportunity [otherwise].” The aforementioned opportunities include giving impoverished women in Ethiopia training, education, and employment after having been in the sex industry. 

One of the pieces in this collection includes a pair of hoop earrings designed after jewelry in Kelly's own collection. “I had a pair of hoop earrings that I held on to for almost eight years because I wasn’t able to find another pair that were as delicate or the same size," she said. "So I was really excited to get to recreate this pair that I have held on to like a Fabergé egg.”



The price of the earrings ranges from $28 to $88 and is complete with other pieces in the collection including pendant necklaces, stackable rings and more. Kelly's inspiration for the name of her latest collection with ABLE is after the latter brand's initial jewelry designers named Barbara, whom she met during her first partnership in 2009.

“All of the women working with ABLE have their own story, but the jewelry line is named after one woman, Barbara,” Kelly explained. “She overcame a 10-year battle with addiction, now has four daughters and a husband and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. If that doesn’t inspire you and make you want to keep going and grow as much as you possibly can, I don’t know what will.”



Kelly's travels led her to Nashville where she worked with the designers in their studio. “The most fun part of creating the line was spending time with the girls and seeing what we could come up with together,” Kelly said. “Just seeing all the girls come together to create these beautiful pieces was really amazing.” 

To help get the word out about her newest brand, Kelly enlisted her A-list Hollywood friends like Jenna Dewan, Mandy Moore, and Sophia Bush to share pieces that they'd been sent with their followers on Instagram. Find the full ABLE x Minka Kelly Barbara collection at

Information originally sourced from PEOPLE.