An Ebelyakh alluvial deposit was home to a stunning fancy-colored rough diamond, unearthed recently by mining company Almazy Anabara (parent company: ALROSA). 

The yellow diamond is 20.17 x 19.65 x 15.1 mm with a small inclusion. It will be moved to Moscow where it can be further assessed.


Image c/o ALROSA.

Almazy Anabara has been quite lucky in unearthing fancy colored diamonds as of late. In 2017, they extracted a pure pink diamond, estimated to be 27.85 carats.


Image c/o ALROSA.

Of course, both fancy-colored stones are FAR eclipsed by the companies largest find to date: a 51.38 carat (D color, VVS1 triple excellent cut) diamond cut from a 179 carat piece of rough (nicknamed "Romanovs"). The rough diamond yielded five large cut diamonds (76.22 carats total), and "Dynasty", as the 51-carater was named, is the biggest stone ever cut by the company. 



"Dynasty". Photo c/o ALROSA.


Tell us below what you would do if you got your hands on "Dynasty"? Would it be the center of a new necklace? A stunning ring?

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