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Gigi Hadid has established her presence both as a supermodel, headline grabber, and social media personality. One particular venture, however, will be branding her in a more hands-on approach in the jewelry industry. Having previously teamed up with fine jewelry business, Messika, the partnership has resulted in the company giving Hadid complete creative carte blanche with her newest collection entitled "My Soul."

Messika x Gigi Hadid hoop earrings

“She sent me three pages of mood board inspirations and from the first moment I saw them, I completely I understood her vision of the jewelry," said CEO Valérie Messika about her collaboration with Hadid. "It was Indian-influenced and bohemian chic, with a lot of hand bracelets, body chains, anklets, and dangling en pampille elements.”

Messika x Gigi Hadid chain earrings

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The motif of the collection contains many pieces one can mix and match. “My Soul jewelry is meant to be stacked. It’s cool when you stack it, the more pieces you’re wearing, the stronger the effect,” says Messika. With prices ranging from $1,590 to $7,360, this collection is made to be worn with multiple simultaneous pieces. "My Soul" by Gigi Hadid will be hitting stores on September 29th, along with a campaign shot by Mert and Marcus.