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At the inaugural Coach Core Awards in Loughborough, England, Meghan Markle and Princess Harry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made a beautiful appearance.


Part of the Royal Foundation, Coach Core is an apprenticeship scheme that helps young people to build careers in sport. It was launched by Harry, alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, back in 2012.

The duchess accented her deep navy peplum Oscar de la Renta shirt and Altuzara pants with designer dujour, Pascale Monvoisin.


The delightfully subtle necklace, named the Cauri No. 2 Onyx, features 9 karat rose gold, onyx "shell" and a gold bezeled diamond. It is certainly a departure from the Cartier and other large jewelry the Duchess has worn for fancier occasions. It returns her to her signature look with subtle, dainty jewelry.


As seen on the Pascale Monvoisin website, retailing for 335 Euros.

" In the world of Pascale Monvoisin, colors have a gentle, distinctive patina. The designer loves monochromes and muted shades. She spontaneously moves towards colors that please her, without worrying about classic beauty standards.

Every single stone she uses was selected by her, one by one. She often jets off to Jaipur to choose the turquoise, tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, and even diamonds that mingle in her creations. The common denominator is gold: a trusted, stable, comforting metal. Antique jewelry is an integral part of her world. She admires their lines, colors, their patient structural work."


We can see why the Duchess is smitten with this designer's work.