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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal tour of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tonga has been a highly publicized series of events. Markle's recent appearances have yielded the first public photos of her since the announcement of her pregnancy. Not only that, but her pearl jewelry has been given a chance to shine. 

During her time in Fiji, the Duchess was presented with a multicolor 18-inch pearl necklace and 18-karat gold clasp by J Hunter Fiji pearls. The gift was dubbed "The Sussex Strand.” The pearls themselves haven't been dyed and are 37 high-grade naturally multi-colored cultured gemstones. Colors range from the rare green and bluish hues to gold and black.

The Pinctada Margaritifera-Typica oyster, black-lipped Tahitian sub-species, produces these rarified gemstones, and for a limited time, non-royal buyers can purchase "The Sussex Strand."

Christina Assael, chairman of Assael (sole North American distributor of J Hunter Fiji’s limited pearl supply), said of the pearls' production that, “The water is different in the Savusavu Bay, and the oyster shells are more vivid, with a rainbow display of pearls that is intoxicating.”

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by Vivian Leese

What is the retail price and the mm of the 18" strand of Assael Fiji cultured pearls, given to Meghan Markle?

by Marlene

What is the mm size of the Fiji pearls gifted to Megan Markel; Now known as the Sussex Pearls.