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Anne-Marie Eddy has been part of Martha's Vineyard for some time now, bringing people Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Re-Fabulous Décor. Now her latest venture involves home staging and jewelry: Coastal Supply Co. In an interview with The Vine, she talks about how this latest business was set up.

When Anne-Marie Eddy was asked about what influenced her decision to create Re-Fabulous Décor, she said, "It was the paint! I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a visit to a friend in California and fell in love with it. I was always against painting furniture. I was just too lazy, I guess. I thought you had to strip, prep, prime and then paint. But that’s the beauty of this chalk paint. It self-primes. You just put it on and it looks fabulous! It became my mission to share it with everyone. So Annie Sloan trained me and I started selling and doing workshops in 2013. Last year, I did 64 workshops."

When asked about the origins of Coastal Supply Co., Eddy said, "I needed to diversify because paint sales started to slow. It was gangbusters for a few years; people were so excited to learn about it. Then I got the chance and moved to a bigger space and added more products. I buy what I like and what makes me happy, and I hope it makes other people happy too. So I’ve added home décor, jewelry and personal care items. I want the store to be a kind of sanctuary when people go in, and I want it filled with unique items."



When asked if a business like Coastal Supply Co. works, as well as the subsequent steps involved in running it, Eddy said, "Yes. I now have a great team, the store makes money, I am able to pay my employees and all my bills. I love the size the store is now and don’t intend to expand it. But I felt personally that I needed to learn something new. The home staging idea was in the works for a few years. At my husband’s business, people were asking if he knew any stagers. I'd also gotten a few calls from realtors asking if we were doing it, and if not, why not? I began to learn more about it. And last February, I went to Tennessee and took a class called Expert Psychological Stagers from a woman named Kristie Barnett. It’s a certification program. She trained us and gave us everything we needed to run our own business."

Information originally sourced from The Vine.