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According to Mogul, a supportive social platform for women in business, two innovative marketers from both Tacori and Tiffany & Co., respectively, have made their way onto the Top 100 Innovators in Marketing list of 2018. Mogul also makes a point to delve into the companies themselves and how women and underrepresented groups are portrayed advertising and marketing, as well as the brand's messaging.

Michelle Adorjan Chila of Tacori occupies the the 85th spot of the list, and later talked of the advancement and changes within the diamond industry during the #MeToo era in an interview with JCK. “Women have always been at the core of the business,” she said. “Our future campaigns will be centered around women leading their best lives. It can look like a variety of things—we’re not married to the idea that it has to be one type of girl or relationship, or any relationship at all. We’re taking our cues from real women.”

Vice President of global category marketing for Tiffany & Co., Clair Mah earned her way on the 88th spot of Mogul's list.