Mark Diamond's Jewelers has been around for over 45 years and has become one of the leading specialty brands for watch repair in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their works include service towards fine timepiece brands like Breitling, Rolex, as well as many other valued names in the industry. 

The company is often referred to in matters of ring sizing as well as repairing materials like platinum, silver, and gold. They are also equally capable with restringing pearls, resetting diamonds and gemstones as well as engraving among other trades.

However, Mark Diamond's Jewelers has begun to venture into custom made jewelry, specifically engagement rings. The subjects are often rejuvenated older pieces or family heirlooms in need of a stylish reimagining. The news has recently come out in a press release.

“Creating a new custom engagement ring design is like a breath of fresh air to those inherited pieces sitting in your jewelry box," according to the spokesperson from Mark Diamond's Jewelers. "It allows you to create a new piece of jewelry that will give you a story to tell for years to come. Some of the Albuquerque diamond jewelers are experienced in creating a new ring and have your old diamond set into it on the spot.”

The process for this brand is a one-on-one approach to help clients bring their ideas to life. First, the company uses sketches and CAD to create a vision of the product to the most minute of details. Then the custom engagement ring is worked on for four to six weeks, and by the time the client receives their old piece, it is revamped in a modern fashion. 

“If you have old jewelry that you are attached to but never wear, you can actually create new jewelry from old jewelry. With redesigning your old jewelry, you feel great flaunting, and not hiding away in your jewelry box,” said the Mark Diamond's Jewelers spokesperson in addition.

About Mark Diamond’s Jewelers:

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers has been creating custom engagement rings by redesigning old jewelry design. Visit for more information.

Information originally sourced from Digital Journal.

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