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Mariah Carey, reigning pop icon, let Vogue Magazine into her closets (yes, multiple closets, including one exclusively for lingerie) this summer, revealing quite the collection of high-end pieces. The beautiful walk-ins within her soaring three-story Tribeca apartment resemble boutiques brimming with shimmer. Although we didn't get to lay eyes on any sort of jewelry collection, we did see wall to wall rows of shoes and handbags. 

Perhaps the coolest item, besides a white piano once owned by Marilyn Monroe, is her delectable and sumptuous Hermes Birkins. We're sure Mariah could afford handfuls of the classic bag on her own, but the one dearest to her heart seems to be an exotic leather style in bright salmon gifted to her by Floyd Mayweather. Never one to stick to the sidelines, Mayweather instructed Carey to tell everyone who inquired who the gift was from. "It's from the champ," Mariah boasts. She quickly goes on to talk about the bag beside it, made of exotic black crocodile, "from me to me." 


Mariah pictured with aforementioned Birkin bags. 

Mariah Carey, worth an estimated $520 million, perhaps withheld her sweeping jewelry collection in the wake of the Kim Kardashian robbery this past summer, when the vignette for Vogue was taped. Still, we would have loved to see that $10 million, 35-carat diamond engagement ring from ex James Packer along with likely countless butterfly-themed baubles and diamond necklaces.

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