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During such uncertain times as these, businesses have to be creative about how they offer services to their customer base. FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Hangouts have made it a lot easier for virtual get-togethers. Piercing artist Maria Tash has taken to using these programs to help others with their piercings.

She helped to make luxury piercing far more prominent in today's culture, opting for precious metals and stones. Her stores are both boutiques in fine jewelry as well as piercing salons. While Covid-19 has shut many stores down during lockdowns, Tash has found a way to push through the closing of her six retail locations. She's offering a complimentary service that allows for piercing checkups. The checkups take place on platforms like FaceTime and Google Hangouts. The jeweler's newest initiative will dedicate 15-minute slots of time.



Each consumer is matched with a piercing artist that will look at healing progression, post size, as well as changes in the jewelry itself. Any questions regarding piercing of any kind can be directed towards the aforementioned consultants. Appointments are not only catered to English speakers, as there will be four other languages available. These languages include Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. 

Tash had prepared a statement regarding this recent service. “The recent launch of virtual piercing checkup technology provides us with a way to stay connected to our clients globally, and we can continue to be an expert resource for anyone with questions on piercing, healing, ring and post sizing, and aftercare,” she said.

“It’s a wonderful and rare opportunity to meet and speak with my senior, lead piercers from my stores around the world for complimentary advice…They give our piercers the opportunity to be creative, share their deep knowledge and inspire, as well as allay client piercing concerns while simultaneously fostering their vision for a curated body,” added Tash.

If there are any questions regarding the aftercare process of your piercings, go to This company is well experienced to handle any query since Tash has been in the industry for over two decades now.

Information originally sourced from WWD.