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Designer and cofounder of Marchesa and Marchesa Notte, Georgina Chapman has just recently debuted a capsule with Barcelona-based bridal house, Pronovias. In an interview with JCK, she explains that there are no other things happening with Marchesa and Marchesa Notte, but that the long-standing partnership with Macy’s will be helpful for the company after the lockdowns.

“During the last 12 months, we have been very focused on listening to the consumers to understand what they are looking for from designers during this time,” said Chapman regarding the parts of her brand that she has given her primary attention. “Seeing a huge shift in the wants and needs, we went outside of our norm and launched the new Marchesa Active line. We have also been incorporating more versatility and comfortability into our Marchesa and Marchesa Notte lines.”


Are you still designing your own bridal collection, or is the Pronovias collaboration a special one-time thing?

Chapman was asked if the collaboration with Pronovias is ongoing, and if there will be more to come from her bridal brand, to which she said, "Yes, we are continuing our Marchesa Bridal, Marchesa Notte Bridal, and Marchesa Notte Bridesmaids collections, while the Marchesa for Pronovias collection will also be ongoing. We are very excited for adding this new collaboration to our bridal lineup.


“My grandmother’s Edwardian engagement ring, for not only sentimental reasons, but it is beautiful!” said Chapman about the most prized possessions in her personal collection. “I also love my Marchesa fine jewelry bangles, and I wear them daily. For a statement piece at night, I have a few go-to Marchesa fashion earrings.”

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When asked if she thinks of herself as a jewelry-centric type of person, she said, “Yes, I love jewelry and take huge inspiration from it all the time. You will often see our jewelry line reflected in our gowns, especially our necklace dresses."

“I just gifted my mom a gold Marchesa bangle,” said Chapman of her latest gifts and purchases. “I also really love the Thief and Heist line [designed by Louis Vuitton artistic director of watches and jewelry Francesca Amfitheatrof]—it is fun jewelry and great for gifting friends.”

Information originally sourced from JCK.