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In 1979, Jewelmer was founded by Jacques Branellec and Manuel Cojuangco. Now Palm Beach, Florida is home to the first U.S.-based Jewelmer Boutique, on the sought after Worth Avenue. The brand shares the location with other top-of-the-line jewelry designers such as Chanel, Graff and Tiffany & Co. Jewelmer's newest showroom opened last month and, according to the company, has a “fresh, contemporary style.”

The luxury pearl brand has other store locations, including three boutiques in the Philippines as well as one in both Cambodia and Kazakhstan. Jewelmer's pieces are retailed across the world in fifteen markets.


The recent U.S. location has been fitted with some appropriate decorations and themes. Some aspects of atmosphere include those of a maritime sense, as well as wooden paneling. The displays are laid out for every visitor to see. Visit Jewelmer's website for more information regarding boutique locations and pieces.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler