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While the world continues to work towards a state of normalcy, parts of the jewelry industry are following suit. Local and chain businesses are beginning to reopen in the midst of the pandemic, offering methods of safety for themselves as well as consumers. One such business is Lugano Diamonds based in Aspen, Colorado. 

"We are always trying to think of new ways to strengthen our relationships with our clients, so during this time we sent them red string bracelets to protect them," said the spokesperson for Lugano Diamonds in an interview with the Aspen Times. "We had them send us photos of them wearing their favorite Lugano pieces at home, which we posted on social media, and we also hosted a Zoom call with Town & Country Magazine to discuss the importance of jewelry throughout history. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed our various ways of reaching out and staying connected."

When asked about what the community can do to support the business reopening, the spokesperson said, "It is important for us to convey to the community that Lugano is as much about the remarkable customer experience we provide as it is about our incredible collection of our own designs. Whether you are planning to make a jewelry purchase right now or not, we would love the opportunity to give locals and visitors alike a tour of our beautiful salon and share with them some of our amazing and unique wearable works of art."

The Lugano Diamonds spokesperson was asked if there were any new offers available for customers, to which they responded, "You can visit our website to get an idea of the types of pieces we design, but since our inventory is constantly changing, it is best to come by the salon in person (or make a private appointment) in order to receive the full Lugano experience. Of course, we are abiding by the COVID-19 protocol and guidelines for wearing masks, sanitization and social distancing."

When asked if there were any important statements that Lugano Diamonds wished to impart regarding the effects of the pandemic, the spokesperson said that "It is our mission to be socially responsible and to support all of the communities where we operate. In Aspen, we provided lunches to first responders in the valley during the pandemic and have offered our space to local nonprofits to host meetings or small gatherings as our spacious salon is very conducive to social distancing."

Information originally sourced from Aspen Times.