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The pandemic is still going strong and many individuals and businesses within the jewelry industry are doing their best to stay strong. One of those people are jewelry designer Nancy Newberg from Los Angeles, California. In an interview with JCK, she talks of her life during the pandemic and her work in the jewelry industry.


"I have a home studio, which I’m grateful for," said Newberg regarding how she's been handling business during the pandemic. "It’s a pretty peaceful space and I feel lucky to have such a great work-from-home setup, especially now. In terms of my brand, I’m definitely promoting and designing pieces that are more casual and wearable every day. Dressy jewelry is just not on anyone’s radar right now."


When asked how sales have been going during the Covid pandemic, Newberg said, "Sales have definitely been on the rise since the pandemic began. My customers are ready to shop, and jewelry seems to be what they’re choosing to buy. Since clothing and other accessories such as handbags and shoes seem unnecessary at this moment in time, jewelry is taking the lead. A new piece of jewelry to add to your collection brings so much joy. I just love seeing my customers become so excited about a new purchase. We all need a bit of sparkle right now."


"In the beginning of the pandemic, I was selling a lot of hoops and small earrings, which everyone was wearing on their Zoom meetings," said Newberg regardin the pieces in her collection she wears most often. "Around the holidays, my chain necklaces and bracelets took the lead. Now it’s really all over the place. I think my customers just want something new and pretty."


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When asked what she does to unwind after a long day of work, Newberg said, "I’ve watched a ton, but a few that come to mind are: the Swedish series The Restaurant (three seasons are now available to stream); the French series Call My Agent!; The Undoing, with Nicole Kidman; and Servant on Apple TV+. I have been listening to The Daily, How I Built This, The Week in Art, and The BOF (Business of Fashion) podcasts."

Information originally sourced from JCK.