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While folks in the jewelry industry have struggled during this global pandemic, many are still pushing through and adapting. One such example is jewelry designer Sarah Hendler, who sat down with JCK to discuss her life and business during the pandemic.

When asked how the pandemic changed her life, Hendler responded, "How has it not changed my life?! Round one: I have two elementary school–age boys, so without a doubt being a mom was the hardest part of the last year. Round two: My husband is a chef and in the restaurant business, so watching him navigate the closure of his businesses overnight and transitioning to takeout where possible was intense. Round three: My own business, which I pivoted the best I could to continue manufacturing in L.A. and selling mainly through my website."

"I’m constantly thinking about the people who are still suffering from this pandemic," said Hendler when asked about current events. "The physical and economic loss so many have endured. Hopefully, the continuing need for creativity from artists around the world will [result in something] extraordinary."

When asked if she has any hopes for the future amid the pandemic, Hendler said, "Yes. Spending insane amounts of time with my family. Having my husband home and cooking almost every night. I did not complain. I do the dishes! We took many road trips on the West Coast and immersed ourselves in nature."

When asked about certain styles that her shoppers look for, Hendler said, "My rings have a special place in my clients’ hearts. My new Crossroads ring I’m developing into a full collection."



"The website became my lifeline," said Hendler when discussing future business practices. "I was so happy we decided to really develop it in early 2019. I will continue to offer all my pieces online, with select exclusives on the site so I can also fully support my retailers with new product."

When asked about her current priorities as well as what she's learned about her customer base, Hendler said, "Keeping the website fresh and up-to-date. I do all my own social media. It can be a real time suck but I feel passionate about being the one who creates the images and content behind my name. My customers are smart, supportive, and know the value of a small brand like mine. Also, customer service is key. Always."

Information originally sourced from JCK.