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Jennie Yoon is the founder of Kinn Studio, a jewelry brand that is mainly focused on direct-to-consumer business with millennials. In an interview with JCK, she spoke about her latest collection as well as how she's holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As a growing business, we’ve been able to adapt quickly and to have our team work from home," said Yoon when asked about her work environment during quarantine.  "Personally, I’ve been working before everyone gets up for the day, while the baby is napping, then after family dinner. If you got an email from me at midnight or on a Saturday at 5 a.m., now you know why, ha! It’s been quite the juggle in terms of my hours, but in an odd way, it’s all worked out.

I’ll be honest. There was a period of time where I felt the mother’s guilt really bad. I’m usually the “give it 110%” type of a person, but during the pandemic, I’ve felt that I wasn’t doing enough to grow the business, because I’m always being pulled to be present with the kids. On the flip side, when I tried to work, I felt I wasn’t doing enough with the kids. Ultimately, my husband and I created a schedule, along with a designated space where we can be away from the family. And though our schedule always falls apart, we’ve somehow made it work."

When asked about what inspired her latest collection, Yoon said, "People that I’m surrounded by. I’m inspired by people and their stories—which is ultimately what makes them who they are. While I was going through a lot of my old photos, I came across my parents’ and grandparents’ pieces that they used to wear. They told me lots of stories about when they got the piece, what it meant to them back then. One of the pieces in this collection is inspired by a ring that my mom used to wear when we’d first moved to the U.S. My mom told me that her best friend got it for her before she moved, and the colored stone she had on meant “strength.” This ultimately led me to source more colored stones, and a lot of the new collection has them."

Information originally sourced from JCK.