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Based in Long Island, Nicole Cappiello is the owner and jewelry designer for Peace Love Bracelets (PLB). In an interview with Digital Journalshe speaks of her journey into the jewelry industry and what it's like to be an entrepreneur when almost every transaction has moved into a digital space.

When the entrepreneur and jewelry designer was asked by Digital Journal about what it's like to work in her field during this primarily digital day and age, she said that "It feels great. I love connecting with people new and old and doing everything I can to make them happy with their purchase."

When asked about how the idea of Peace Love Bracelets (PLB) came about, she said, "PLB came to me at a time when I really felt the world could use a lot more positivity in it. I'm in the 'feel good' business. I want to spread happiness anyway I can and I really thought PLB represented me in every way."

Technology has become an industry standard for many people working with jewelry, and Cappiello is no different, saying that "Photographing my jewelry, and sending photos to people really makes it easy since I can't see them in person most of the time."

Cappiello was then asked if she had any advice to give to young, aspiring jewelry designers, to which she said, "My advice would be to design things that you love and that you would wear yourself and to just have fun with it."

Cappiello said of her pieces, 

"My bracelets are personalized and custom to each person's desire. Whether you want to add a name, special date, color, or charm, or just keep them simple, I design the perfect piece(s), the consumer will absolutely love."

When asked about what influences her as a designer of jewelry, she said that "Knowing I'm making things that people will wear everyday, that's meaningful and symbolic really inspires me to keep creating special pieces."

Cappiello later defined her idea of success, saying that, "Success to me means happiness. I'm happy doing what I am doing. I truly enjoy designing jewelry and that to me equals success." 

Information originally sourced from Digital Journal.