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The history between London Jewelers and its involvement in the Italian luxury brand behemoths of today stems back forty years. In an interview with the NY Post, president of London Jewelers Candy Udell talks of Italian craftsmanship and more, saying, 

“The Italian tradition of family and their love of fine craftsmanship and beautiful things, from clothing to jewelry to the best food — they know how to live. We teach our clientele to love Italian craftsmanship and everything else that goes with it.” 

LJ1Udell has gotten to know the bevy of established brands throughout the years, traveling Italy from Capri to Florence, developing a strong admiration for the craftsmanship of the many luxury houses nestled therein. “When you go to a workshop, like Bulgari, and you see how the jewelry is being made — the craftsmanship and what goes into it — you know it’s the best of the best,” Udell continued. “Likewise with Gucci and Buccellati and Vhernier.”

This love of Italian luxury has sparked an in-store collaboration between London Jewelers and the Italian Trade Agency. From November 16th to 24th, one can rub elbows with representatives of a number of highly renowned brands at the London Jewelers Manhasset flagship store. Exclusive pieces from each retailer will be available for sale as well.

The gettogether will host a plethora of entertainment spectacles and Italian foods including demonstrations in making mozzarella, as well as a gelato, cappuccino and espresso truck. 

“When you think about Italy, you think about a beautiful country full of history, passion, and pride,” said Italian Trade Commissioner Antonietta Baccanari. “This is also what Italian jewelry producers want to transfer through their creations.” Her intention with this collaborative effort is to bring more public awareness to the ITA's promotion of Extraordinary Italian Jewelry, denoted by the "Made in Italy" inscriptions.

Udell admitted that while her Italian is far from sounding native, her admiration of the culture and people are her biggest reasons in pursuing the language. “The fact that the people are so welcoming and so warm makes it all even easier — they make you feel like a part of their family,” she said. 

Information originally sourced from NY Post.