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In an interview with HYPEBEAST, co-founders of RTFKT Studios, Benoit Pagotto, Steven “Zaptio” Vasilev, and Chris Le discuss their plans for implementing fashion in the metaverse. 

When asked to describe the inception of RTFKT Studios, Pagotto said, “We started RTFKT to be the open-source blueprint of the brands of the future—made by creators and for creators. I met Chris and Zaptio while I was at the e-sports team Fnatic, where we aligned our vision for a new type of brand with no legacy or business model to hold it back, in an era where gaming is the predominant culture. 


Zaptio continued, “It began with the creation of an Instagram account, where we created content using Chris’s 3-D skills.” 

Le: “I was designing skins for CS:GO [and] DOTA 2, which eventually led me to designing video game skin sneakers,” said Chris Le. “When the Fnatic League of Legends (LOL) team got invited to the annual LOL World Championship, we decided to make the sneakers real, so that they could be worn during the finals. The rest was history.” 

When asked how RTFKT would be properly implemented in Web3, Pagotto said, “Web3 is the start of a truly digital, borderless, alternate, and weird version of the world powered by a totally transparent economy. Within these alternate reality narratives, we are all creating, sharing, and earning income and tokens.” 

“It is the natural evolution of the Internet and social media generation. We are the first generation to have this level of technology, allowing us to be more aware of how brands, societies, platforms, and economies work. We are big believers in open sourcing tools and opportunities to empower the community to create their own utilities and revenue opportunities,” said Zaptio. 

Le continued, saying, “It is the true start to the sustainable future, where consumerism is placed online, giving our planet some breathing room. Humanity will begin to consume less in the physical world, while many habits of buying and collecting useless things will now be done in the metaverse.” 

When asked if Nike’s acquisition of the studio changed anything, Zaptio responded, “It heavily solidified our vision of extending digital and physical collectibles through our inspiration and love for Nike’s sneakers.” 


Pagotto said, “It also sent a clear message across the globe: Web3 is the future and everyone should be taking this seriously.” 

“It was inevitable that the world would head in this direction. Coming from the video game and skin industry, I noticed patterns of players showing that they attributed more value in digital assets,” said Le. 

Zaptio concluded, “The cultural and collectible sneakers that Nike created changed the physical collectible industry and culture forever. The acquisition has allowed us to maintain a level of independence, where we are able to pursue our same vision.” 

Information originally sourced from HYPEBEAST.