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A lawsuit has been brewing between both Roberto Coin and Kings Stone over allegations concerning Coin's misleading certifications of the gems in their black jade jewelry collection. The two companies began collaborating with one another in 2012 when Kings Stone became the supplier of black jade stones to Roberto Coin. The former also provided certification of the claimed amphibole jade from China’s National Gemstone Testing Center. 

Roberto Coin Inc. later filed a complaint against Kings Stone in July of 2018, saying that the black jade was "non-authentic" due to major retailers pulling the former's line from their shelves. According to statements given to National Jeweler from Roberto Coin's attorney Gayle Pollack of Morrison Cohen, “RCI always has conducted its business in accordance with the highest standards. It strongly disputes the claims by Joseph Goldstein and Kings Stone. In fact, RCI filed a lawsuit against them to stop them from continuing their false advertising campaign. Rather than try this case in the media, RCI looks forward to being vindicated in court.” 

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.