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In an interview with The Jewellery Editor, Nour Jahan talks about taking up the mantle of 8 generations of jewelers and starting Nour by Jahan.


When asked what inspired her to start Nour by Jahan, Jahan said, "Each generation brings something new to the family business and I feel that it is my duty to expand our operations. Being born into the world of jewelry and craft, I have always loved it. I grew up seeing my family’s devotion to creating such magnificent jewelry and instantly knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of, which is why I am taking this step to create my own line, Nour by Jahan. In fact, I started sketching the first Nour jewels when I was in London and continued to do so throughout my studies. I always had in mind that my designs should be truly unique and contemporary. Each of my jewels needs to be special, something out of this world. I presented my collection for the first time at an important jewelry exhibition this year and all the pieces were sold out. This was the sign that I had to launch my brand."


When asked how she first began developing a passion for jewelry, Jahan said, "Every day after class I would head straight to our Geneva workshop to watch beautiful jewels being created by my uncle Shahpour, CEO of the Jahan Company. I would sit by his side as he analyzed gemstones and refined his designs. With the gemstones laid out before him, he would explain to me who they were for and what he intended to do with each stone. I was fascinated by his boundless knowledge and appreciation of gemology. Shahpour Jahan played a huge role because of his inspirational devotion to his craft and his unbelievable attention to detail. The more I learnt about our craft, the more determined I grew to become a world-renowned jeweler. When he finished a piece, he would gaze at it proudly, holding it carefully as he inspected it to ensure it was absolutely perfect. But as soon as he was done admiring it, he would start working on the next one. It was amazing to see his drive and tireless passion for creation.


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"I believe my passion comes from spending so much time around beautiful jewelry and helping out from a young age. I eventually began drawing my own designs as I have always loved the creative side of jewelry. I would then take my designs to Shahpour, who would give me ideas on how to improve them and explain what I needed to do before he could make the piece. Even though I was just a child, he would always talk to me as an adult. I think receiving structured feedback helped me gain an appreciation for designing jewelry and shaped my ideas."

Information originally sourced from The Jewellery Editor.