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While the pandemic continues to rage on, people within the jewelry industry have been doing their best to keep up. One such business is run by jewelry designer, Anna Shefield, who's based in Los Angeles. In an interview with JCK, she talks of her time adapting to the pandemic, as well as her methods of escape and relaxation.

"Clearly (as I write this on October 30) the election is at the fore," says Sheffield regarding how she's been affected by the latest issues. "Also, this impacts my feelings about our care for the planet and other sentient life here. I find what’s happening with the wildfires—and even the last-minute changes to policy this administration is making—heartbreaking on a deep level.But then we have amazing stories like [Netflix documentary] My Octopus Teacher coming to light, and I feel equal parts hope and poignancy in the power of beauty and connectivity."

She was then asked if there are any positive things happening in the future to which she replied, "So many, honestly. I have been able to prioritize some aspects of both personal and professional life. I’ve made a really special effort to stay connected with those I love, and focus on my work with Future Heritage Fund, honing my leadership skills, and also expanding my cooking skills."


When asked about the particular styles that attract customers, Sheffield said, "We launched our Talisman collection earlier this year, and it’s just right for the moment. I wear one of the Serpent pieces every day! It just feels good to have something symbolizing transformation on me at all times, as if I absorb some of those qualities."

"Honestly, aside from going a little more slowly, our plans and trajectory remain the same with regards to the business," said Sheffield regarding the pandemic's effect on her business. "It’s my 20-year mark, and I feel like this is just one of so many challenges and changes. There will be blessings in it; we might just have to be on the other side to see what they are."


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When asked what she does in order to decompress from everything, Sheffield said, "We have a 1999 Eurovan, which is one of my favorite things. We got it so we can be free to roam, and to easily set up camp in a tiny house kinda style. It also means I can go home to New Mexico [where Sheffield is from] more safely and easily. That’s been a treat beyond description."

Information originally sourced from JCK.